Other writing services

When you already have a draft, this website offers you a way to save on your writing by providing you with discounted writing services. Our discounted writing services include rewriting services, editing services, and proofreading and formatting services. The type of writing service that you can order among these discounted writing services is dependent on the extent of changes that you need on your draft. When ordering for these other writing services, assess your needs based on the following schedule:

Rewriting services: When you order rewriting services from this website, our writers are required to change up to 70 percent of the content on your draft. The content changed includes rectifying citations, rectifying paper organization, conducting additional research, rectifying paper formatting, and correcting grammar and punctuation errors. This service is suitable where you have a rough draft that you need to be polished to a final, coherent research paper or essay.

Editing Services: Our editing services are less intensive compared to rewriting services. When you order our editing services, our writers are required to change up to 30 percent of the paper content. This 30 percent includes rectifying errors in paper organization, grammar, citation, and formatting. Only minimal additional research is conducted when you order for editing services. This service is suitable where you have a draft that requires changes only in some parts of the paper.

Proofreading and Formatting services: Our proofreading and formatting services are the cheapest but least intensive writing services that we offer. When you order for proofreading, our writers will be required to add only 10 percent of the content. Proofreading services do not involve conducting additional research. The writer will, however, correct for grammar mistakes and errors in paper organization and format. This service is suited to those who have an advanced draft that needs fine-tuningĀ  into a final draft.

Where you are not sure of the service that you need, our support can assist you to make an informed choice. Contact us before placing your order so that we can assess your needs and advise you accordingly. You can also order our custom-writing services and we will write your paper from scratch.