Compare and contrast essays- Structure and Examples

Compare and contrast an essay is a common form of writing. It is not a particular essay, but it includes one more paragraph in an essay. In this article, you get the information about what is compare and contrast essay, how to structure this essay, and what are its examples.

What is a compare and contrast essays?

For comparing you need to examine the similar things and the contrast is used to make the words differ. They both were looks at the similarities and differences of two or more objects. This type of essay is used in university to check the ability of students. The lecturers were frequently tested your understanding power by asking you to compare and contrast of two methods, thesis, historical periods, etc. Sometimes the whole essay services is frame by compare and contrast whereas sometimes it covers only one paragraph of the article. Well, you know that it an essential part of short term exams. For example: compare and contrast Newton’s method of gravity with those proposed by Einstein.


There are two types of fabric for compared and contrast essay, and one is a block and another Point-by-point structure.

Block structure

  • Block structure is used all the information about the object which is given first for being compare/contrast.
  • The data is leads to explain all the aspects of the purpose.
  • It is similar to causes-effects essays and problem-solution essays.

Point-by-point structure

  • It is used for the similarities and differences of the single object which is followed immediately for others.
  • It is easy to write and ensures that the similarities and differences are more explicit.

Structure words

The structure words of compare and write my essay are the transition signals which shows the similarities and differences about the topic or object.

  • Words for compare: similarly, also, neither….nor…., like, to be alike, to compare, and so on.
  • Words for contrast: however, in contrast, while, whereas, to differ from, to be unlike, but, and so on.

Examples for using these words

  • Compare: Both mobile phone and computer are used to communicate with people easily. The computer is similar to a mobile phone as it is a part of communication.
  • Contrast: Compute is not easy to carry anywhere, whereas the mobile phone is easy to carry. The functions of the computer are different from a mobile phone.

In the above lines, you may get the knowledge about compare and contrast essay. Hopefully, you are now able to write this type of essay.